• I created this website for a florist in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. Check it out here: Byron Bay Wedding Flowers

  • Update:
    That's how the final postcard looks like in action.

    Currently working on a postcard for a snackbox company. This was the first draft. 

  • A website I created for another company in Central Otago, New Zealand. The main objective was to show plenty of photos with examples of his work.

  • Working on a timber yard in Central Otago, New Zealand, for almost three months I created a new website for my boss after hours. Have a look at www.ironwood.co.nz
    I also thought of a little give-away for their customers. First I should explain that the company recycles old hardwood from powerpoles and bridges. So I took the 'live wires – beware' signs from the workshop, which are already cool with a bit of a rusty edge and designed a sticker for the back. I was happy to see that the clients really liked it.

  • Inspired by TDAT (they draw and travel) I illustrated a map of the Catlins and submitted it to their wonderful site.

  • The 2013 Scout Jamboree of my scout club is taking place once every 4 years and has had up to 4000 participants. With regard to my final degree work I designed the website, a brochure for sponsors and a banner.

  • Working on a vineyard last week, I picked some left-over grapes and made my first jam. Yumyum :)

  • Two logo drafts

  • I painted words concerning the topic "body" in relation to the scouts on a body for the cover of a magazine (the laru).

    Behind the scenes. A friend helped me cover the body in typography.

    An illustration for the same laru issue. The German words shown illustrate their meaning (ear, jaw, chin, etc.)

  • Two pictures I created using maps of the UK, with places I have been to.

  • I always wanted to try screen printing, but never came around. During my last week of Uni I finally took the time and advantage of the facilities. In addition I became a frequent guest in the laser cutting studio as you can see with the wooden pendants I made for the bags as a gift for friends :)

  • This week I made a wedding card and envelope. For the card, I used the lasercutting facilities in uni, but unfortunately it didn't quite come out as I expected. Therefore I had to draw the letters onto another layer below, so that it's still readible despite the fallen out letters...